Tuesday, August 02, 2016

J.E. Thompson sent you a video: "Rocket Film - 1968-1972 + 1979-1980"

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(table of contents of scenes is below, and in uploader comments)

A poor transfer of my 8mm and Super8 films spanning from my start in model rocketry in July of 1968 to sometime in 1972, and a little bit of film from 1979-80. It includes private launches in Athens, GA as well as various meets in Atlanta from 1970-72, with a long section from NARAM-13 in Aberdeen, MD in 1971. Toward the end of the film are a couple of clips, one from a contest on the grounds of the Kennedy Space Center in 1979, another from the intramural fields in Athens, GA, shot in 1980.

I mention that the transfer is poor. I have attempted to get these films tranferred three times by supposedly professional outfits. This is the best of the three, and it is pretty much crap. I will soon try again with a company that has done lots of work for Turner, and is not that much more expensive than the previous transfers.

00:10 flights from Fowler field, Tallassee Rd. Athens, GA 1969
00:28 flights from a farm in Wat...
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